Reasons Why CNN Includes Cairo Among The 2023 Best Destinations

Raghad Khaled

Reasons why CNN includes Cairo among the best 2023 destinations to visit!

CNN recently wrote an article about prime vacation spots that no one should miss, and they couldn’t have done it without mentioning Cairo.

The article includes multiple cities that are either rich in culture, history, scenery, or adventure.

Cairo made the list for its deep cultural and historical roots!

Grand Egyptian Museum!

The author teases the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum saying that its a must-visit as its the largest museum housing an entire civilization along with the entire collection of King Tutankhamun.

Islamic Cairo and Al Azhar Mosque

The article also encourages its readers to visit Islamic Cairo, a district that houses Egypt’s and the world’s largest Islamic Architecture along with Al Azhar Mosque which dates back to the year 970!

Coptic Cairo

Additionally, if you’re looking for historical places that pre-date the arrival of Islam, you can head to Coptic Cairo for rich Christian traditions!

The Egyptian Museum

If you find yourself in Cairo before the opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum, don’t worry, because the Egyptian Museum will satisfy your history-seeking itch!


The Azhar Park!

If you’re ever looking for a park away from the Cairo noise and traffic and need a little bit of greenery, then Al Azhar Park is definitely your go-to!


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