Sadat’s Passport Was Sold In An American Auction House 

Raghad Khaled
Sadat's Passport Was Sold In An American Auction House 

Heritage Auction House Sells Sadat’s Diplomatic Passport

Egyptian Former President Anwar El Sadat’s passport was sold at the American auction house, Heritage. The passport was put up for bidding on the auction’s website with a starting bid of $2500. However, soon after the bidding war started, the price grew exponentially to $47,500, approximately EGP 1.5M.



The Passport

It is an official diplomatic passport written in French and Arabic. It was issued in 1974 and was valid until 1981 following a renewal in march 1979!
Inside the passport is a printed statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that allows him to enter all countries and request assistance if he needs it.

The passport only has one stamp from 1977, when he visited the Knesset in Israel.

However, even though there was only one stamp, El Sadat used the passport to enter the United States of America in 1978 when he signed the Camp David Accord which earned him the Nobel Peace Prize.



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