Safah El Tagamoa’s Ex-wife Breaks Her Silence


The latest development of the case that shook Egyptian streets

In the latest development of the case that shook the Egyptian street, Lobna Ghanem, the wife of Karim Salim, who holds both Egyptian and British nationalities, appeared for the first time in a media appearance to speak about new details related to her serial killer husband, indicating that he attempted to kill her and her siblings.

Lobna Ghanem, the wife of the serial killer, broke down in tears during a phone call with the host Amr Adib on his program “Al Hekaya” on the channel “MBC Masr” on Friday evening, saying, “I met my husband 10 years ago, and we’ve been separated for 3 years now, and I haven’t seen my son since then.”


“I was supposed to be his first victim”

She continued, her voice trembling, “He tried to kill me, and I was supposed to be his first victim. He was violent with me, and we constantly fought, and I used to escape to my friends.”

She also said, “His mother took my son and doesn’t respond to me now, and she doesn’t want me to see him, and I tried to contact her to no avail.”


Furthermore, the wife of “the serial killer of El Tagamoa” revealed that she fled to Britain because of him, and he threatened her sisters with murder because they hid her whereabouts from him.

She also said, “His mother is just like him and threatens me… and he had harassment cases in America,” explaining that there is one thing inside the house and another thing in front of people.

She also mentioned that he filed a case of adultery against her to tarnish her reputation, adding, “I wouldn’t be surprised if he does anything.”


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