“Should I Cut Off Electricity Or Raise Its Price?” A Question By President El Sisi Sparked Debate

Malak Nazir

President El Sisi’s Bold Statements at South Valley Agricultural Project Inauguration

On Saturday, May 25, President Abdelfattah El Sisi inaugurated agricultural projects in the South Valley region, seizing the opportunity to deliver emphatic statements. The President urged ministers and media professionals to maintain open communication with the public, discussing candidly the various challenges facing Egyptian society, with a particular focus on the contentious issue of electricity reduction.

“Should I Cut Off Electricity Or Raise Its Price?”

In his speech, El Sisi addressed the dilemma of managing the country’s energy resources amidst economic pressures. He explained that while the ongoing load-shedding program could be halted, such a move would necessitate tripling the electricity bills for Egyptian citizens.

To further clarify the situation, he called upon Mohamed Shaker, the Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, to transparently explain the rationale behind the load reductions to the public, reassuring that this does not imply an imminent increase in electricity prices.

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People’s opinions…

The public’s response to the ongoing energy crisis and the President’s statements has been mixed. While some express understanding and acknowledge the necessity of the measures, others react with sarcasm, and many display outright dissatisfaction.

When and why did it all start?

The load-shedding initiative started in July 2023 due to high demands on Egypt’s gas network. Rising temperatures and increased air conditioning use worsened the situation.

El Sisi highlighted that the program could potentially save the nation EGP 108 billion ($3.49 billion) annually.

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