South Korea’s Ambassador Surprises An Egyptian Girl Selling Korean Food In Cairo


From Seoul to Cairo

Hanin Khaled didn’t expect that her small project, which started at the end of last year, would attract a segment of Korean enthusiasts, and even the South Korean ambassador to Egypt, Jin-Wook Hong!

The 22-year-old Egyptian girl studied commerce at Ain Shams University in Cairo, but after working in a field she didn’t find passion in, she decided to start her own small project. For the past eight years, Hanan has been fascinated by Korean culture, including art, music, and even food.

A challenge fixed by passion

She considers Korean food to be more challenging as it relies on healthy vegetables and starches without much fat. But Her frustration has led her to pursue her passion, and launch her own small project.

Bringing Korean food to the streets of Cairo

Hanin’s project relies on preparing Korean food recipes and placing them in a mobile holder on her body, walking around areas of Maadi, particularly the famous 9th Street, until she was surprised by the South Korean embassy contacting her through their Facebook page, asking her about her schedule and whereabouts without any details.

Last Tuesday, Hanin was approached by a Korean man who asked her for food. She said, “I was shocked because I know the Korean ambassador. He warmly welcomed me, ate the food, paid for it, and expressed his admiration for it.”


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