Successful Security Operation Leads to Arrest of 38 Suspects In Black Market Crackdown


38 arrested for black market dollar trade

Efforts by the General Security Sector, in collaboration with the General Administration for Combating Public Funds Crimes, have successfully resulted in the apprehension of 28 cases involving 38 suspects within 24 hours. These suspects were found in possession of $179,354 USD, 10,971 Euros, 45,336 Saudi Riyals, 620 British Pounds, 146 Kuwaiti Dinars, 2,438 Libyan Dinars, 285 Emirati Dirhams, 150 Russian Rubles, and 1,000 South Korean Won. Legal measures have been taken against them.

These activities have significant consequences for the national economy

This comes as part of continued security operations against illegal currency trafficking and manipulation of exchange rates by concealing and trading foreign currencies outside the official market. These activities have significant consequences for the national economy, and efforts are being intensified to monitor and apprehend those involved in such criminal activities.


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