A Sudanese Shop Owner Was Arrested After Including Halyeb And Shalateen In Its Logo

Malak Nazir


Last month, a shop in Nasr City, specializing in Sudanese products found itself at the center of a heated controversy. The logo included Sudan’s map with the Halayeb Triangle, a territory claimed by Egypt, leading to widespread outrage among Egyptians. This area has been a longstanding point of contention between Egypt and Sudan.

Security forces arrested the owner of a Sudanese shop for displaying a logo that claimed Halayeb and Shalateen as Sudanese territories

The Sudanese shop owner, who had placed a map of Sudan on the storefront including the Egyptian cities of Halayeb and Shalateen as part of Sudan, faced arrest. Not only that, but authorities have also deported the shop owner to Sudan for violating Egyptian rules, conditions, and laws.

Most people are supportive of the arrest and are advocating for the deportation of anyone involved in similar actions. The logo’s prominent display ignited tensions, with many Egyptians viewing it as a provocative stance.

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