Swiss Cellist’s Cover of Amr Diab’s “Nour El Ein” Bridges Continents


Amr Diab is bridging continents!

Music has the power to bridge continents, and Jodok Vuille, a supremely talented Swiss cellist known on Instagram as @jodokcello, has just proven that once again. With his cello in hand, Jodok has taken on the task of bringing one of the Arab world’s most beloved hits, Amr Diab’s “Nour El Ein,” to an entirely new audience – and what a spectacular job he’s done!

For those who’ve yet to experience the magic, “Nour El Ein” is an iconic track that catapulted the Egyptian superstar Amr Diab to international fame. It’s a song that, since its release, has made millions sway to its enchanting rhythms and heartfelt lyrics. Enter Jodok Vuille, with his cello, adding an unexpected but delightful twist to this classic tune.


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The cello brought the old song to life

Dressed in his signature style and armed with his cello, Jodok doesn’t just play the music; he immerses himself in its essence, drawing listeners into a melodic journey that transcends language and culture. His rendition of “Nour El Ein” on the cello is bright, bold, and breathes a new life into the song, proving that great music knows no boundaries.


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