Switching Roles … Anas Bukhash Opens Up In An Interview With Esaad Younis

Manar Eissa

Anas Bukhas recently appeared on “Sahbet El Saada” with Esaad Younis, sharing stories throughout  his life as an athlete, businessman, and father. 

Bukhash explained why people share personal details of their lives with him during his AB talks. He stated that the most important quality a journalist must possess is “listening intently” rather than just hearing.  He asserted on the significance of creating a supportive environment where guests feel encouraged to share their thoughts openly and confidently, free from judgment. Additionally, he highlighted the role of positive energy in fostering productive conversations, attributing his own relaxed demeanor to making guests feel at ease.

He also shared the story of how he started a unisex hair salon in Dubai, highlighting his experience with multiple failures while trying to bring his ideas to life. However, this particular project turned out to be a successful one.

Anas Bukhash explained why people describe his personality as mysterious, stressing that he does not see himself as mysterious, but rather that the public is used to knowing everything about celebrities’ lives through social media platforms.

Surely Esaad didn’t let him go without a food experience, as she had Anas try Egyptian ‘koshary’ for the first time.

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