Telecom Egypt Increases Home Internet Prices

Raghad Khaled

Telecom Egypt Increases Internet Prices

Telecom Egypt, the Landline Internet operator in Egypt, announced a new increase in their home internet packages, starting January 5th.

This decision follows the recent increase in mobile cellular services after the cellular companies put in a request to increase their prices to the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority.

The New Prices are as follows:

The 200-gigabit package is now EGP 225 instead of 170

The 250-gigabit package is now EGP 280 instead of 210

The 400-gigabit package is now EGP 340 instead of egp 340

The 600-gigabit package is now EGP 650 instead of egp 550

The 1 Terabyte package is now EGP 1050 instead of egp 800

Increases by Mobile Cellular Companies

A few days ago, telecommunications companies in the Egyptian market, including Telecom Egypt, Vodafone Egypt, and Orange, decided to increase the prices of packages and mobile internet.

Cellular companies also told Cairo 24 that the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority agreed to raise the prices of Fakka cards in all telecommunications companies by up to 10%.

Telecommunications companies began applying this increase last Thursday, December 28, 2023, to all citizens, and the companies confirmed that this increase, amounting to 10%, included change cards and packages in telecommunications companies.

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