The Coolest Icecream Spots In Sahel


Sahel isn’t just about sandy beaches and lively nightlife; it’s also a haven for ice cream lovers. Whether you’re strolling through Hacienda Bay or exploring Diplo, here are five spots where you can indulge in delightful ice cream:

5. Mini Melts – Hacienda Bay

Located in the vibrant Hacienda Bay, Mini Melts offers a unique twist on traditional ice cream. Their miniature frozen beads come in a variety of flavors, making them a fun and flavorful option for dessert.


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4. Stavolta – Diplo

Nestled in Diplo, Stavolta is a favorite among locals and visitors alike for its creamy gelato. With a cozy ambiance and a wide array of flavors, including both classic favorites and innovative creations, Stavolta promises a delightful ice cream experience.


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3. Dara’s – Zahra and Seashell

Dara’s has made a name for itself across Egypt with its delectable ice cream offerings. Whether you’re in Zahra or Seashell, you can enjoy their rich and creamy scoops that are perfect for cooling down on a hot Sahel day.


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2. Mega – Northed & Lakeyard Hacienda Bay

Another gem in Zahra and Hacienda Bay, Mega is known for its generous portions and quality ingredients. Their ice cream is a must-try, with flavors that cater to every taste preference, ensuring there’s something for everyone in your group.


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1. Taiyaki Japanese Ice Cream – Marassi’s The Hub

For a unique ice cream experience, head to Marassi’s The Hub and visit Taiyaki Japanese Ice Cream. Known for their fish-shaped cones filled with soft serve ice cream and topped with various toppings, Taiyaki offers a playful and delicious twist on traditional ice cream.

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