The Famous Lebanese Resto Barbar Opened In Cairo And People Have Thoughts

Farah Makhlouf

This one’s for the people who want to try authentic Lebanese food without having to leave the country. Barbar opened in Cairo earlier this month and it instantly became a HUGE hit! Like a moth to a flame, we tell ya.

Many stood in line to get their hands on the shawerma and Egyptian food reviewers told us what they thought!

Ahmed Abaza says it’s the most expensive shawerma place in Egypt but it gets a great rating

@lifewithabaza بربر وصل مصر 🇱🇧🇱🇧🇪🇬#lifewithabaza ♬ original sound – Ahmed Abaza

Suzie El Remouzy pointed out that the menu is vast and recommends the Lahm B’agein – and so do we!

@suzieelremouzy All the way from Lebanon to Egypt. The most famous restaurant in Lebanon has finally opened their first branch in Cairo! Yup, you heard that right! Better not miss trying “‏شاورمة” & “ ‏عجين باللحم” there!🤍 @Barbar Egypt #zeebites #fyp #fyppp #fypage #foryoupage #foodreviews #viral #explore #اكسبلور ♬ B.O.T.A. (Baddest Of Them All) – Eliza Rose & Interplanetary Criminal

Ahmed Osman gave us an honest critique saying the beef shawerma is the best thing on the menu and you might want to skip the mezze and falafel

@sensawyy Trying @barbaregypt 🤤😋 تجربة بربر 🤤😋 #sensawy #barbar #lebanesefood #ahmedosman #sensawyon #Egypt #sensawyfoodreviews #sensawyrecommends #مصر #سنساوي ♬ اديش كان في ناس – فيروز

Amr El Hady visited Barbar in Cairo after trying the one in Lebanon and said it’s pretty identical! He did mention that it might be a little more expensive for the portion though

@amrelhady_ شكرًا ٩٠٠ ألف ❤️❤️ #wheretoeat #wheretoeateg #lebanon ♬ original sound – Amr el hady

Nehal also took us on the journey to Barbar. Despite the food taking longer than expected to be served, that the chicken shawerma was worth it

@nehalwg واخيييييرا بربر 🌯🤩 مين كان جربوا في لبنان؟؟ 🇱🇧 #wheretoeat#whattoeat#wheretoeategypt#wheretoeateg#wheretoeategy#barbar#shawarmalovers ♬ original sound – Elfoodette_Nehal

Find Barbar near The Drive, across 5A By The Waterway in New Cairo

P.S. wear comfy shoes because there may be a long queue and bring lots of cash.


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