The Full Story Behind The Man That Fell In A Well In Al Minya


A date with destiny

As if he were destined to, he ventured out after breaking his fast, chatting on his mobile phone, only to tumble into a deep well, 23 meters below. Upon learning of the mishap, his family maintained communication with him, attempting to rescue him since his fall on Monday late at night.

A rope with a mobile phone was lowered for communication, but after being raised about five meters, the rope snapped, sending it back down. Assistance was then sought for the rescue operation, prompted by locals recalling the story of Ryan from Morocco who met a similar fate.

The incident began with a report received by security authorities from residents of Azzaqa village, affiliated with the Minya center, reporting the fall of Taha Mohamed Abdel Aziz, aged 35 and married with a small child, into a 23-meter deep well while making a call from his mobile phone at night, leading to his plunge. The well, with a small opening, is used for irrigation purposes. This occurred last Monday late at night.

Security forces come to the rescue

Gathering around the scene, locals saw the arrival of security forces, a civil defense vehicle, and the local unit. The latter deployed a number of loaders to assist in digging around the well to retrieve his body. Preliminary investigations revealed that Taha Mohamed Abdel Aziz fell into a 23-meter deep water well in the ground.

The situation is being addressed, with reports indicating that the farmer, aged 30, residing in the Hamid Azzaqa hamlet, affiliated with the Toukh Al-Kheil village in the Minya center, fell into a disabled groundwater well near the Western Desert Road while traversing desert land after performing the Maghrib prayer.

Heavy equipment is currently attempting to excavate around the well to retrieve the body, facing difficulties due to the rocky terrain. There were rumors of his demise and efforts to extract the body with the equipment, leading to the drafting of an incident report, with the public prosecution assuming control of proceedings.


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