The Great Pyramid Of Giza Takes A 2 Month Break

Raghad Khaled

Khofu Pyramid To Get A Two Months Break For Maintenence And Restoration

The Supreme Council of Antiquities just announced that the Great Pyramid of Khufu will be taking a two-month break for maintenance and restoration starting next June as a part of their periodic maintenance program.

The Supreme Council announced that the Pyramid of Menkaure will be opened for visitation during the closure of the Pyramid of Khufu.

An official source from the Ministry clarified the duration of the closure, stating that the duration of the closure will be about two months for periodic maintenance on all pyramid corridors, its inner chambers, and also the burial chamber at the top of the pyramid.

The closure of the Grand Pyramid of Khufu is a convenient date and will not affect tourist traffic, because, during the summer season, most tourists are interested in beaches due to the high temperature, which is exactly why this period was chosen for the restoration project.


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