The Lovin Cairo Show: Amira Adib Will Star In Hollywood Film

Manar Eissa

Tune in to the latest episode of the ‘Lovin Cairo Show’ podcast for a captivating discussion on today’s most intriguing headlines. We’ll begin with the recent news Amira Adib is set to take part in a Hollywood film titled “No Nation” alongside American director Jeffrey Elmont, who was nominated for an Emmy International Award in 2017.

 In the film, Amira will portray the character of a girl who plays football. She has been preparing for the role and undergoing football training for over four months.

Amira shared that her journey to being cast in the film began when Jeffrey was shooting a documentary in Egypt. She started learning Spanish for the film, and he invited her to audition for the new movie set to be filmed in 2024. She successfully auditioned for the role.

Moving onto the recent news, Media Syndicate is considering taking actions against Amr Adib. After airing Amr Adib’s episode with former Egyptian MP Samir Ghattas, Tariq Saada, Head of the Media Syndicate, announced that the Syndicate Council is now considering taking legal measures against the journalist Amr Adib due to his professional and legal transgressions.

Turning to the talk of the town in the past 24 hours, Telecom Egypt ‘WE’ announced that Internet services were affected in some areas in some governorates of the Republic as a result of a technical malfunction that affected one of the main network devices. WE decided to provide 10 GB to all packages as compensation for internet disruptions.

Last but not least, a follow-up on Ashar AbdelGhafour’s death; The investigations revealed that the artist Ashraf Abdulghafour was driving his car on the Ring Road towards the Oases in the 6th of October area. While driving, another car collided with him from behind, resulting in the complete destruction of the rear and front parts of his car and the front part of the car that caused the accident.

A team from the Public Prosecution went to examine the body of the artist Ashraf Abdulghafour and assigned the health inspector to conduct an apparent inspection and prepare a report on the causes of death in preparation for burial.


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