The Lovin Cairo Show: Ruby’s New Song Sparks Controversy

Manar Eissa

Tune in to the latest episode of the ‘Lovin Cairo Show’ podcast for a captivating discussion on today’s most intriguing headlines. We’ll begin with the recent news, after Ruby’s new song sparked huge  controversy, the head of the Music Syndicate ‘Mustafa Kamel, decided to hold a meeting with the Syndicate members to discuss the lyrics of Ruby’s newly released song.

However, Aziz El-Shafei, writer and composer of ‘3 saat’ said in a phone call with the journalist Amr Adib on the ‘Al-Hekaya’ program, the lyrics of the song are used in many songs by great artists, but unfortunately, some people want to consider the song as inappropriate, and this is based on their thoughts 

Rafah crossing receives 44 injured Palestinians

Moving to Gaza updates, an Official medical source stated today that Rafah crossing received 24 wounded Palestinians along with 20 companions.

They were transported in ambulances equipped for treatment to various general hospitals, including those in Al-Arish, Sheikh Zuweid, Ismailia, Port Said, Suez, Cairo, as well as the French floating hospital in the sea port of Al-Arish, where they will receive the necessary treatment.

Financial Times highlights ancient Egypt’s at the Grand Museum

As the opening date of the Grand Egyptian Museum approaches, the government is working hard to complete the construction. The museum will showcase almost 100,000 artifacts in its 12 showrooms. This effort was highlighted in a report by the Financial Times, emphasizing the government’s commitment to opening the museum for enthusiasts of Egypt’s history and civilization.

The price of gold reaches the peak in 2023

Finally, gold prices in Egypt rose today, Tuesday, December 26, 2023, by 4.1%. Economists expect gold prices to continue rising in Egypt during the coming period due to the ongoing increase in inflation. This has made gold a safe haven for investors seeking to protect their money from economic fluctuations.

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