The Lovin Cairo Show:Youssef El-Sherif and Engy Alaa Split Up After 12 years

Manar Eissa

Tune in to the latest episode of the ‘Lovin Cairo Show’ podcast for a captivating discussion on today’s most intriguing headlines., starting with the sad news that Youssef El-Sherif and Engy Alaa have split up after 14 years of marriage. Both of them confirmed the separation on X and have expressed their commitment to maintaining a good relationship after the separation.

Moving on to the latest news, Egypt’s presidential election will take place from the first to the third of December abroad and from the 10th to the 12th of December in Egypt. To participate in the election abroad, you will need proof of a valid national ID number or passport. 

On the art side, the General Federation of Artistic Unions announced the cancellation of the acting professions’ decision not to deal with the director of the Belly of the Whale series, Ahmed Fawzi Saleh. In a statement, the General Federation of Artistic Unions announced several decisions, the most important of which was suspending the decision issued by the Syndicate of Acting Professions regarding the director and referring the matter to the Syndicate of Cinematic Professions to take the appropriate decision.

Last but not least, Ahmed Eissa, the Minister of Tourism, has announced the opening date of the Imhotep Museum in the Saqqara antiquities area, which is set for December 3, following its development and restoration.

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