The Pricetags On Hadia Ghaleb’s Latest Swimwear Collection Are Sparking Debates


Hadia Ghaleb, a popular social media star turned fashion designer, recently launched her new swimwear line, which has sparked debates over its price range starting at EGP7000. Some consumers have taken to social media platforms to express their disappointment at the high prices of the swimwear.

It is also worth noting that Hadia Ghaleb’s swimwear line is designed to be modest, which is a unique selling point in the market.

Hadia Ghaleb the face behind the designs, took to social media to defend the hefty price, citing the quality of the products.


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My dream is for my brand to reach international success, and I am not just targeting the Arab region, but I hope that my brand becomes global. I dream of seeing famous personalities from America wearing this swimsuit and being happy with it. In order to reach this level, the brand must have a certain level of materials and production.

All the materials that go into making the swimsuit are imported, not to mention that the manufacturing company is based overseas, which means that I have to pay salaries in foreign currency, in addition to shipping and marketing expenses. That is why I am bound by foreign currency.

Last year’s swimsuit was priced at 3500 Egyptian pounds, but now it costs over 6000 pounds. The price alone has increased due to the economic conditions, which is something beyond my control.


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