These Egyptian Establishments Are Opening Their Doors For Thanaweya Ama Students To Study Amid Power Cuts

Raghad Khaled

in a gesture of social solidarity, Egyptian social establishments and places of worship opened their doors for thanaweya ama students to study amid power puts

Amid the infuriating power cuts crisis, Social Media platforms were flooded with the pleas of Thanaweya Ama Students who can’t commit to their studies or exams due to the excruciating heatwave and power cuts.

In a humanitarian step to confront the continuing power outage crisis in Egypt as part of the Power Reduction Plan developed by the government, several places, including churches, and mosques decided to open their doors to Thanaweya Ama students to study until the end of the exams.

Mosques in Alexandria, Cairo, and various governorates also announced that they would open their doors for high school students to study inside during the power outage, according to local media and multiple social media users.

Coptic Orthodox Archbishopric in Port Said Governorate Media Spokesman, Jeremiah Fahmy, said in a television interview yesterday, Tuesday, that the idea of ​​opening church halls and operating their generators came to provide students with internet and electricity to help them study until the crisis ends.

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Alexandria Bibliotheca

Usually closing at 7 PM, Alexandria Bibliotheca has joined the movement and announced a change in its operating hours to work from 7:30 PM to 10:30 PM from Sunday to Thursday, and from 5 PM to 10 PM on Saturday, Friday, and national holidays along with free entry to accommodate Thanaweya Ama students and offer them a suitable place to study until the end of exams.

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Alexandria Stadiums:

Alexandria Governorate has also announced the opening of Alexandria International Stadiums for Thanaweya Ama students free of charge from 10 AM To 10 PM. Entry must be provided by presenting the student’s seat number and national number.

Coffee Shops:

According to social media users, it’s not only churches and mosques that have opened their doors to Thanaweya Ama students, but also local coffee shops in multiple areas around Cairo, Giza, and Alexandria that have decided to welcome students, and refrained from broadcasting football matches so that they don’t disturb them.


When will the power reduction crisis end?

Prime Minister Madbouly announced that a plan has been drawn up to end the power reduction initiative by the end of 2024. He stressed that before the end of the year, the government will completely put an end to the power reduction initiative, especially since it affects citizens and the industrial and investment sectors.

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