These End-Of-Year Activities Should Be On Everyone’s To-Do List!

Raghad Khaled

These End-Of-Year Activities Should Be On Everyone’s To-Do List!

New Year is a time for new beginnings, experiences, and activities. As the end of the year approaches, these activities will engulf you in the Christmas spirit, and immerse you in new beginnings.

9- El Korba Walking Date:

Every year around Christmas, El Korba streets get dressed in the most beautifully hung decorations, so, this is your reminder to take a scenic and refreshing stroll and watch the neighborhood’s festive decorations.

8- Luxor and Aswan Nile Cruise:

As winter engulfs Egypt’s northern and western areas, Luxor and Aswan experience the country’s prime weather. Located in the deep south, Luxor and Aswan are the perfect destinations for an exciting warm getaway, and their historically rich sites are a major advantage!

7- Attend Christmas Markets & Bazaars:

Go on a shopping spree at the Christmas markets and Bazaars, and enjoy traditional Christmas goods!

6- Visit Greco-Roman Museum in Alexandria:

Take a trip to history town with an enriching visit to the newly opened Greco-Roman museum in Alexandria!

5- Take a Hiking Trip in Mount Sinai:

As the weather gets colder, the scenery becomes more enchanting! A hiking trip in Sinai is the perfect example of new experiences and milestones!

4- Enjoy Christmas at Egyptian Malls:

Egyptian malls always go the extra mile with their decorations, so, this is your reminder to visit them during this joyous time!

3- Dive in Marsa Alam Rich Marine Life

Similarly to Aswan, as the weather gets colder in the north, it becomes warmer in the South, so it’s the perfect opportunity to dive into Marsa Alam’s warm and colorful marine life.

2- Visit Tutankhamoun’s Immersive Exhibition:

If you are looking to remain in Cairo, yet indulge in a one of its kind historical experience, then the Grand Egyptian Museum got you covered! The Immersive Exhibition will welcome guests until the 31st of December.

1- Experience The Opera’s Christmas Programs

This Christmas, the Cairo Opera House is dedicating a special program of concerts on the occasion of Christmas and the Holiday season over an entire week at its various theaters in Cairo, Alexandria, and Damanhour.


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