These Three Historical Sites Finally Got Renovated

Raghad Khaled

These decades-old historical sites finally turned into open-air museum!

After renovations that lasted almost a decade, these historical places finally got dusted off!

The area of Old Cairo is known for its rich and captivating history, but lately, due to its populated and crowded location, it got kinda neglected which led to the need for these preservation projects.

The area of Historic Cairo (Old Cairo) has been a part of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list since 1979 for its great importance!

In the early 2000s, a project was initiated to conduct works of renovation, rehabilitation, and preservation on these monumental sites.

3- The Aqueduct) Sour Magra El Oyoun


The Cairo Citadel Aqueduct or Mamluk Aqueduct is one of the oldest aqueduct systems in Cairo, Egypt.

It was first built during the Ayyubid period but was later reworked by several Mamluk sultans to expand the provision of water to the Citadel of Cairo.

2- Babylon Fortress


Babylon Fortress is an Ancient Roman fortress, built around 30 BC with the arrival of emperor Augustus in Egypt, on the eastern bank of the Nile Delta, located in Coptic Cairo.


3- Ben Ezra Synagogue


El-Geniza Synagogue or the Synagogue of the Levantines, is situated in the Fustat part of Old Cairo, Egypt. According to local folklore, it is located on the site where Baby Moses was found!


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