Trees Massacred For Commercial Expansion Or For Recultivation?

Manar Eissa

Allegations of Tree Cutting for Commercial Expansion

After news spread on social networking sites about plans to cut down trees in the ancient Merryland Park to make way for an entertainment area and cafes, many people expressed their anger. Many complaints were lodged through the government’s electronic complaints platform in response. In light of these concerns, the Egyptian Ministry of Environment has issued a statement clarifying the situation.

Ministry of Environment Responds

Dr. Yasmine Fouad, Minister of Environment, has categorically denied that any trees were cut in Merryland Park. She personally inspected the park multiple times over the past month and responded to a complaint received on May 17 alleging tree cutting.

The statement outlined that the Minister has issued directives to halt any tree pruning or removal activities in Merryland Park without prior coordination with relevant authorities. Immediate action was taken regarding the complaint received on May 17, 2024, which claimed that trees were being cut to make way for cafes.

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No ongoing commercial development

The Minister instructed the formation of an urgent committee led by the head of the Central Administration of the Greater Cairo Branch and other specialists. The committee found that the area in question, originally planned for green spaces and paths for pedestrians and cyclists only, had no ongoing commercial development.

Furthermore, the Ministry clarified that previous pruning activities were conducted due to concerns over tree health and safety, including diseases and risks of falling branches.

In conclusion, the Ministry assured that all tree pruning activities in Merryland Park have been halted, and development plans will prioritize maintaining the park’s green spaces and recreational facilities for public benefit.

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