Two Egyptian Sisters Killed In Israeli Airstrike On Gaza

Raghad Khaled

Two Egyptian Sisters Killed In Israeli Airstrike On Gaza

The Egyptian Ministry of Emigration and Expatriate Affairs announced on Tuesday the tragic murder of two Egyptian sisters in Gaza as a result of an Airstrike by the Israeli forces at 3 AM.

Howaida and Hayat Khalil Al-Desouki were among eight members of the Al-Amrain family who were tragically killed in their sleep during an Israeli bombing of their residential house in Khan Younis on Monday.

Howaida, aged 67, was visiting her recently widowed sister Hayat in Gaza for the first time after her Palestinian husband sadly passed away after a long battle with illness.

Howaida was scheduled to return to Egypt last Tuesday.

According to Howaida’s niece, Alaa Younis Abu Al-Amrain, Israeli warplanes bombed their house without warning at three o’clock in the morning, causing it to collapse.

Howaida and Hayat’s brother, Ahmed Al-Sayed Khalil, confirmed that Al-Amrain family lost several family members in this disastrous attack, including Ayatollah Younis, Muhammad Younis, and their grandchildren Hayat Muhammad Younis, Habiba Muhammad Younis, and Younis Muhammad.

*The Israeli airstrikes and bombing were carried out as a retaliation mission to Hamas’s Saturday “Al Aqsa Flood” operation.

So far, the Palestinian death toll has surged to 900, and the number of injuries is increasing rapidly by the hour.

30 Other Egyptians Are Trying To Flee Jerusalem

A statement given by the Minister of Emigration and Expatriates, Soha El-Gendi, revealed that she received ” A call for help” from about 30 Egyptians with Canadian citizenship “who are in Jerusalem to perform religious rituals.”

El-Gendi stated that she contacted Khaled Azmy, the Egyptian Ambassador to Tel Aviv, who confirmed that all necessary measures have been taken to ensure their safe departure.

On a different note, the Egyptian ambassador to Palestine, Ihab Suleiman, reassured the minister that all Egyptians in the Gaza Strip were in good health during their communication, not to mention the two casualties reported by Al-Arabiya.

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