Two Egyptian Teenagers Mysteriously Disappear In Mexico

Raghad Khaled

Two Egyptian Teenagers Mysteriously Disappear In Mexico

The Attorney General in Hermosillo, Sorano, Mexico announced earlier that two egyptian teenagers mysteriously disappeared.

Websites and news agencies reported that the two missing persons are Naoum Labib Abdel Malik, 15, and Ishaq Naseem Al Kass Abdel Masih, 17.

Due to the lack of information regarding their disappearance, the Attorney General’s office declared a state of emergency and raised the alert as he believes that “the young men may be in danger”

The Mexican authorities issued an alert to conduct a search party in order to rescue them from any serious danger. 

Conclusively, Mexican news reported that the duo were last seen in the city of Hermosillo, located in a dangerous area in central Mexico.

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