Two Egyptian Victims Found Dead In Turkey

Raghad Khaled

Two Egyptian Victims have been found dead in Turkey

On February 6th, a deadly earthquake took place in Central Turkey and in Western Syria with a magnitude of 7.8. The earthquake has left the two countries with at least 9,630 dead and 42,654 injured.

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Tuesday that two Egyptian victims have been found dead after the earthquake in Turkey.

The ministry added in a statement that its contacts in the Egyptian embassy in Ankara, Turkey, have confirmed the death of two Egyptians who belonged to the same family after a building collapse in the Iskenderun region.

The statement was given to the embassy by a family member who wasn’t affected by the earthquake.

The ministry was also able to communicate with the family members to provide the necessary support.


The statement also mentioned that the Egyptian Embassy in Ankara is currently communicating with Egyptian victims who sustained minor injuries to provide necessary means of support and to check up on them.

Additionally, the Embassy is also currently maintaining direct contact with victims that have lost their homes and were transferred to safe shelters.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also cooperated with the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to obtain the names of Egyptian students in Turkey to ensure their safety to their families in Egypt.

Regarding the Situation in Syria, the ministry doesn’t have any information regarding Egyptian victims.

However, the Egyptian Embassy in Damascus has contacted an Egyptian who suffered minor injuries due to a crack in his house.

Currently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is maintaining contact with Egyptian Embassies in Ankara and Damascus to follow up on the situation.


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