Uber Driver Referred To Criminal Court In ‘AlTagamoa Girl’ Incident

Manar Eissa

The Public Prosecution has ordered the referral of an Uber driver to the competent criminal court for the crime of kidnapping a female through deception, with the felony of indecent assault by force and threat.

It was proven in the Public Prosecution’s investigations that the accused did not initiate the trip notification, and he also closed the application at the location of the incident to prevent it from being tracked. He then took her to a desert road away from the eyes of passersby.

He then stopped the car, exited, and assaulted her in the victim’s seat, preventing her from resisting. During the assault, he caused her injuries and threatened her with a knife. She managed to call for help from two passersby, whose testimonies corroborated her account during the investigations.

However, The Public Prosecution heard from Uber’s legal representative regarding the incident.

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They testified the accused didn’t initiate the trip, closed the app at the incident site, and created a new account with false documents. Uber suspended the accused driver’s account for attempted kidnapping and rape, cooperating with authorities in the investigation.

The Victim’s Sister

Sally Awad, the sister of the ‘Altagmoa girl,’ expressed her happiness regarding the Public Prosecution’s decision to refer the ‘Uber driver’ to the urgent criminal court in the case of his sexual harassment of her sister. She affirmed that her sister would not reconcile with the accused, adding, ‘We are confident in the judiciary and that my sister’s rights will not be lost.’

The Ministry of Interior has disclosed the circumstances surrounding the incident circulating on social media concerning a car driver attempting to assault a woman in Cairo. The perpetrator of the incident has been arrested.




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