Uber Responds To Habiba’s Accident Without Contacting Her Family!

Manar Eissa

Uber has issued a statement regarding the recent incident involving Habiba, expressing deep sadness and extending wishes for her swift recovery.

However, Habiba’s cousin, Madiha El-Shamaa, stated that the company did not contact them regarding Habiba’s accident stating that these are claims from the company.

Uber Statement

The company, in alignment with its safety and community guidelines, has taken decisive actions in response to the incident. Uber maintains specialized teams dedicated to safety globally, including the Incident Response Team (IRT), available round-the-clock to promptly address reported incidents or accidents.

Upon receiving reports, the IRT initiates internal investigations, and in this case, immediate action was taken upon notification. Uber’s response team promptly engaged with a family member to offer necessary support. Additionally, Uber is cooperating with local law enforcement authorities, providing full assistance for their ongoing investigation.

All Uber drivers are subject to stringent qualification criteria, ensuring adherence to onboarding guidelines. Furthermore, on-trip insurance coverage is provided for both drivers and riders through a reputable third-party insurance company.

The insurer has reached out to all parties involved, collecting pertinent information and diligently following established protocols. Uber remains committed to prioritizing safety and diligently supporting those affected by such incidents.

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