Video of “Ghazl El Banat” Seller Moves Egyptians to Tears


A touching video clip of a”Ghazl El Banat” candy seller, has caused a stir among Egyptians in the past few hours.

The video, which spread on social media, shows the seller, who hails from Upper Egypt, throwing his merchandise on the street after despairing of selling anything and being forced to return home empty-handed.

Businessmen and philanthropists search for him

Following the spread of the poignant and heartbreaking clip, some businessmen and philanthropists have begun searching for the Egyptian seller, calling for any information that could help them find him or reach out to assist him in establishing a business project.

In parallel, social media users revealed that the seller is called Uncle Hassan and resides in a village in Sohag Governorate, specifically a village belonging to Dar Al-Salam city.



@masrawyofficialرجال أعمال يسعون لمساعدته.. من هو بائع غزل البنات الذي ألقى بضاعته وأثار ضجة واسعة في مصر؟♬ original sound – Masrawy

Subjected to harassment

It has also been revealed that he supports a large family and faced numerous harassments from young children during his work yesterday, which affected him psychologically and led him to throw his merchandise in the street.

However, Egyptian websites have located the seller and disclosed that his full name is Mohamed Hussein, aged 42, supporting a large family of four children in addition to his wife and sick mother. He had merchandise worth 300 Egyptian pounds, which he borrowed to purchase.

He indicated that he indeed did not sell anything during that day due to harassment from children and threw all his merchandise on the ground, returning home without any money.

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