Vodafone Restored Network After A Major Network Crash

Raghad Khaled

Signal S.O.S: Vodafone Users Frustrated After Experiencing Major Network Crash

One of the biggest telecom companies in Egypt, Vodafone has experienced major criticism after a network shutdown which left millions of Egyptians disconnected.

Millions of Egyptians awoke on Tuesday morning to find their Vodafone cellular services disconnected, not allowing them to access the internet or make phone calls.

This disruption caused multiple users to express frustration and anger on social media platforms like X and Facebook.

However, one of Vodafone customer service employees offered a solution on X, asking users to switch to 2G, then to 4G, prompting the connection to return.

Some users who implemented this solution reported that it did work with them, while it proved to be of no avail to others.

After the major disruption, Vodafone announced that their technical team worked diligently to solve the issue and that the connection had been restored.

In a statement sent to Lovin Cairo: “Vodafone has announced the full restoration of its 4G service following a temporary disruption. The company has promptly and efficiently reinstated the service, aligning with its commitment to meet and exceed customer expectations and needs. While other Vodafone services continue to operate seamlessly, the company’s technical team has worked diligently to promptly restore 4G services to full capacity. Additionally, in commitment to customer satisfaction, Vodafone has announced submitting a proposal to the NTRA for compensation once full 4G services are reinstated, expressing gratitude for their customers’ patience during this temporary disruption.”

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