Weather Forecast: Egypt Embraces Fall Bliss This Week


The Meteorological Authority (EMA) predicts pleasant autumn weather in various parts of Egypt, including Greater Cairo and the North Coast, lasting until Saturday.

In Cairo, daytime temperatures will reach a maximum of 34 degrees Celsius on Tuesday and gradually decrease by two degrees each day until Saturday. Evenings will be cooler, with temperatures ranging from 22 to 23 degrees Celsius.

For those heading to the beach to savor the last days of summer, warm weather is in store, with daytime temperatures hovering around 29-30 degrees Celsius throughout the week. Nights on the North Coast will be cooler, with lows of 22-23 degrees.

Moving south to the middle of the Nile Valley, expect hotter days with daytime highs of 35-36 degrees and nighttime lows of 22-23 degrees Celsius

In Upper Egypt and South Sinai, temperatures will remain quite high. Anticipate scorching daytime temperatures of 38-40 degrees Celsius in Luxor and Aswan, with nighttime lows of 25-26 degrees.

Sharm El-Sheikh, along the Red Sea, will provide ideal conditions for swimming and diving, with daytime highs of 36-38 degrees Celsius. Evenings will be milder, with temperatures dropping to 25-26 degrees Celsius, making it perfect for a cozy campfire gathering.


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