Weather Woes: Egypt Braces For More Dust Storm Spectacles


Get ready for some wild weather updates straight from the Egyptian Meteorological Authority! Brace yourself, because the forecast for the upcoming week is filled with dust storms galore. Those pesky Khamaseen depressions are causing quite a commotion, swirling up gusts of wind that just love to kick up dust and make a mess.

But hey, let’s not forget about Saturday! It was like a breath of fresh air (literally) after enduring a scorching heat wave. The temperatures finally decided to take a chill pill and cool down a bit.

Now, looking ahead, the experts predict that the northern regions of Egypt, including Greater Cairo, will experience some moderate temperatures, hovering around the 34C-35C range. Not too shabby, right? Well, hold on tight because the south is still under the reign of that relentless heat wave.

To survive these weather shenanigans, the meteorologists have a few wise words of advice. First, avoid direct sunlight like it’s a hot potato (which it is). Second, hydrate like there’s no tomorrow with cool fluids and water. Third, rock loose and comfy cotton clothes like it’s a fashion statement. And lastly, find a well-ventilated spot to relax and chill. Trust me, you’ll thank them later.


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