“We’re Preparing To Evacuate 7000 Dual Citizenship Holders From Gaza”-FA

Raghad Khaled

“We’re Preparing To Evacuate 7000 Dual Citizenship Holders From Gaza”-Foreign Affair

The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a meeting with the representatives and ambassadors of various countries to update them on the measures being taken by the country to ensure the safe evacuation of 7000 dual citizenship holders from 60 different countries. 

Egypt prepares to receive 7000 foreign nationals from Gaza through the Rafah Crossing border 

Ismail Khairat, the Assistant Foreign Minister who led the meeting, stated the details of the preparations which include obtaining the necessary travel documents, logistical arrangements, and ensuring that foreigners will enter Egypt within a specified timeframe. 

Khairat provided information to foreign mission officials on medical readiness, such as ambulance availability and hospital equipment for emergency medical emergencies.

These medical services are designed for Palestinians injured by Israeli lethal airstrikes on the Gaza Strip since October 7, in addition to international individuals.

He also specified that “Four hundred people with foreign passports are expected to cross today, in addition to 60 wounded,” 

The Egyptian official said 361 passport-holders and more than 70 other critically wounded Palestinians desperate to escape Israel’s bombardment, were able to exit Gaza through the Rafah crossing on Wednesday morning.

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