Zahi Hawass Urges British Museum To Return Egyptian Artifacts

Raghad Khaled

An Active Crime Scene… Zahi Hawass Urges UNECSO And The Ministry Of Antiquities To Cooperate To Return Egyptian Artifacts At The British Museum!

On Monday, former Minister of Tourism and Antiquities and Archaeologist Zahi Hawass called for the return of Egyptian Artifacts at the British Museum, including the Rosetta Stone, which is a pivotal piece of Egyptian History.

Additionally, he also called the British Museum an “Active Crime Scene” and “A Catastrophic Crime against the whole world”, calling for the retrieval and rescue of Egyptian artifacts.

He strongly urges the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and UNESCO to hold an international meeting to discuss Braitain’s acquisition of these precious artifacts.

He argues that the topic of the conference should be related to “The unsafety of the Museum to the Egyptian Artifacts”

He also thinks that there should be a national call to recover them, as the museum does not have any right to house artifacts that were stolen during the British colonization of Egypt.

The British Museum Looting Incident That Left 2000s Artifacts Stolen:

Hawass’ claims came as a response to The Institution’s Chair of Trustees, Goerge Osborne’s report which mentioned that more than 2000 artifacts have been stolen from the Museum.

The stolen pieces include Jewelry, diamonds, and precious stones that that date from the 15th century BC to the 19th century AD.

Osborne has apologized for the scandal which has engulfed the museum and angered the international community.

He also admits that the museum’s reputation has become tarnished and untrusted, and claims that an investigation to return these artifacts is currently taking place.

Osborne also admitted that “the museum did not have a complete catalog of its collection and that a new storage facility in the Thames Valley was planned, but acknowledged this issue put the museum’s security at risk”

These claims prompted Zahi Hawass to call for the retrieval of Egyptian artifacts, so they don’t suffer the same consequences and end up falling into the wrong hands since the museum cannot provide the proper safety measures to protect artifacts of that significance.

The Rosetta Stone:

Hawass also called for the return of the Rosetta stone, believing that its presence in the British Museum is a Fatal Mistake, affirming its importance to Egyptian history.

He reported during a TV call-in, “Our artifacts are being publicly looted, and we have to take action”

He continued, “If we strongly demand our rightful artifacts, we will return our antiquities from the British Museum because there is a great and deliberate theft of Egyptian antiquities.”

*It’s Important to mention that in October 2022, Dr. Zahi Hawass started a petition to return the Rosetta Stone and Zodiac of Dendra which was signed by over 205,000 individuals.

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