4 Iconic Duos We’ve Missed Reunite In Ramadan 2024!

Malak Nazir

A looong trip down memory lane…

Ramadan in 2024 is shaping up to be a walk down memory lane with some of our favorite screen duos making their long-awaited returns. Prepare yourselves because nostalgia is hitting different this season!

4. Maha Ahmed & Ramez Galal

Remember the belly laughs from ‘El Basha Telmeez’? Fast forward 20 years, and the dynamic duo of Maha Ahmed and Ramez Galal is back in ‘Ramez Gaab Mel Akher’. While Maha found herself on the receiving end of one of Ramez’s infamous pranks, their unbeatable chemistry and shared sense of humor haven’t aged a day. It’s like no time has passed at all!

3. Chico & Sherif Ramzy

It’s been 14 years, but the legendary duo from ‘Mounir El Khateer’ and ‘Shaheer’ is finally sharing the screen once more. In ‘Khaled Nour W Waldo Nour Khaled’, Sherif Ramzy steps into the shoes of Chico’s brother, reigniting their on-screen magic and leaving fans ecstatic about their reunion.

2. Ahmed ElSakka & Tarek Lotfi

Can you believe it’s been 26 years since ‘Saeidi Fil Gameaa Al Amerikeya’? Ahmed ElSakka and Tarek Lotfi are reuniting their on-screen drama in ‘El Atawla’. Fans who have kept ‘Saeidi Fil Gameaa Al Amerikeya’ close to their hearts are in for a treat as these two icons take the lead once again.

1. Fathy Abdelwahab & Ahmed Eid

From the classic ‘Film Thaqafy’ to their latest work, ‘El Hashasheen’, 23 years later! Fathy Abdelwahab and Ahmed Eid prove that true friendship never fades. Their journey from comedic gold to dramatic depth showcases a friendship and professional partnership that’s as strong as ever.

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