2, 3, 4 Hours Of Power Cuts? Rumors Arising About Coastal Cities And People Are Taking To X

Malak Nazir

Extended Power Cuts Stir Confusion in Egypt

As the summer heat intensifies, Egypt has temporarily extended daily power cuts to three hours, an hour more than the usual schedule on Sunday and Monday. This change has sparked a wave of rumors and speculations across the country!

No Electricity Cuts in Alexandria and Matrouh?

A particularly persistent rumor claimed that popular coastal destinations such as Alexandria and Matrouh would be excluded from the extended power cuts. This would allow vacationers an uninterrupted summer fun.

People believed the rumor and weren’t happy about it…

However, the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company stepped in and debunked the false claims. They also urged the public to rely solely on official statements. Their clarification has put an end to the speculations, but not before sparking a significant amount of confusion among the people.

4 HOURS Power Cut in Port Said!

Meanwhile, residents of Port Said are experiencing even longer disruptions, with power outages extending up to 4 hours. The lack of clarity on how long these extended cuts will last has left many frustrated.

In response to the ongoing situation, a wave of sarcasm has taken over social media. It seems that humor has become a coping mechanism for the citizens as they navigate through this period of unpredictability and inconvenience.

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