Ali Gomaa Stirs Up Controversy With Latest Show “Nour El Deen”

Raghad Khaled

Ali Gomaa Stirs Up Controversy With Latest Show “Nour El Deen”

Ali Gomaa is no stranger to controversy, the Islamic scholar has faced backlash more than once for his brave remarks, and strong, unconventional ideologies. Recently, the scholar and ex-Grand Mufti of Egypt has launched his latest show “Nour El Deen”.

Since the first episode, the show has caught the eye of social media users. It has been the talk of the town ever since due to Gomaa’s groundbreaking ideologies, and his interpretations of Islamic scriptures.

In one of the episodes, a girl asks the Scholar if Muslims are the only ones privy to paradise, to which Gomaa replies “Who told you Jannah is only exclusive to Muslims? You have the wrong information.”


In another episode, one child asked him if it was okay to celebrate Christmas, to which Gomaa replied “The birth of Issa is a miracle, and we celebrate all prophets”

His responses stirred up controversy among social media users who claimed that Gomaa’s ideologies dripped with misinformation and distributed unfactual and distorted religious scriptures.

However, others saw that his education methods would encourage children to know more about their religions, lead to a more harmonious interreligious friendship, and promote religious tolerance.

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