Amr Diab Slapped A Fan At A Wedding!

Malak Nazir

Amr Diab, A Controversial Slap at a High-Profile Wedding

Amr Diab is no stranger to headlines, but his latest incident has sparked a wave of controversy. He slapped a fan during the wedding of Mansour Amer’s son – founder of Amer Group. The incident occurred as the fan attempted to take a photo with Amr Diab, leading to heated debates among fans.


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People have divided their opinions were some noticed that the fan had touched Amr Diab inappropriately. Hence, prompting what they believe was a justified response from the artist. These defenders argue that Diab’s reaction was a natural human response to an unwelcome invasion of personal space.

However, not everyone is willing to excuse Amr’s actions. A significant number of people have expressed disappointment, stating that no amount of provocation justifies physical assault. They argue that as a public figure, Amr should maintain a higher standard of behavior, regardless of the circumstances.

This isn’t the first time Amr Diab has faced backlash for his actions. Previously, he was criticized for disrespectfully referring to his driver as an “animal”

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