Following The Backlash… Egypt’s New Education Minister Denied Fake PhD Allegations

Malak Nazir

Egypt’s new Minister of Education faked his PhD?

Egypt’s newly appointed Minister of Education, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Latif, has firmly denied allegations that he fakes his PhD credentials. Controversy stirred as doubts came up about the legitimacy of his doctoral degree from Cardiff City University. As a result, the Administrative Control Authority intervened, scrutinizing Dr. Abdel Latif’s educational records.

The official release of his CV revealed Dr. Abdel Latif’s extensive academic qualifications. He holds a bachelor’s degree in tourism and hotels, a master’s degree in education development from Lawrence University in the USA. Also, he holds a PhD in distance education focusing on education management and development from Cardiff City University.

Moreover, Dr. Abdel Latif spoke to Extra News to express his dedication to e-learning. He underscored his commitment by highlighting his academic pursuits, including courses at Harvard, and emphasized his over 25 years of practical experience in the educational sector. This discussion aimed to restore confidence in his qualifications and address the public’s concerns head-on. ms m m a ms a ma s a m w e d a dk fke kd mk mn b n m s g n c x s dbh 

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