Hossam Habib’s New Song Is Causing A Stir On Social Media

Malak Nazir

Hossam Habib is finally back with a new song!!

Egyptian singer Hossam Habib has returned to the music scene once again after a period of absence due to the tumultuous relationship issues between him and fellow artist Sherine during their marriage.

Amidst anticipation and curiosity, Hossam Habib is gearing up to release his first album since parting ways with Sherine. The album features 10 tracks, including the recently released single ‘Kadaba’, which has already sparked a whirlwind of reactions.

Is Hossam Habib firing back at Sherine?

‘Kadaba’ delves into themes that appear to mirror the complexities of Habib’s personal life, particularly his relationship with Sherine. The lyrics seem to allude to a narrative of deceit and betrayal, painting a picture of someone who masquerades as innocent while harboring ulterior motives.

The song’s release has triggered a wave of mixed reactions. It has been trending since its release with people’s assumption that he’s firing back at Sherine, while others are just happy he finally released a song. Despite the controversy, ‘Kadaba’ has undoubtedly captured the attention of audiences, igniting discussions about love, loss, and the complexities of human relationships.

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