Saudi Arabia Has Suspended B2C Umrah Visa For Egyptians After Tragic Deaths

Malak Nazir

Saudi Arabia Suspends Umrah Visa For Egyptians

In a significant move, Saudi Arabia has suspended the issuance of B2C Umrah visas, primarily affecting Egyptian travelers. This decision comes in the wake of the tragic deaths of at least 600 Egyptian pilgrims during the Hajj pilgrimage that were led by unauthorized companies, according to AFP. Most of whom passed away amid soaring temperatures in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has halted the issuance of B2C visas and suspended bookings through its electronic Umrah portal for Egypt
and Pakistan. This indicates a cautious approach to managing pilgrimage logistics in light of recent events.

What’s B2C Visa?

The B2C visa, a special type of Umrah visa, facilitates indirect travel to the holy lands. Pilgrims initially travel to either the UAE or Oman, where they stay for a six-hour transit before proceeding to Saudi Arabia. This route has been put on hold to reassess safety and health protocols.

Does this mean I can’t go to Umrah at all?

Despite this suspension, Egyptian pilgrims can still perform their Umrah rituals through the B2B visa, the standard visa which remains fully operational. The B2B visa allows for direct entry into Saudi Arabia and is not affected by the recent changes.

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