There’s A Debate Sparking Over “El Hashasheen” For Its Use Of Egyptian Dialect

Malak Nazir

The Ramadan Tea is Tea-ing!

‘El Hashasheen’ burst onto our screens and straight into the heart of a linguistic debate! The series didn’t just serve drama on a silver platter, it gave us a hot side dish of dialect debate that has everyone talking.

So here’s the debate’s scoop

Viewers tuned into the first episode of one of the most anticipated series this Ramadan. Some of them enjoyed the historical drama, while others came only to raise their eyebrows at the Egyptian dialect serenading their ears.

Debate intensified after the series faced criticism for using the Egyptian dialect in historic context because the origin of that era is Farsi. However, hard-core Egyptians came in defending their beloved dialect. At that point, X became a battle field.

More about ‘El Hashasheen’

The series takes place in the 11th century, in northern Persia, where Hassan El Sabagh founded a group from the most loyal to the Ismaili community. The group members were ready to sacrifice their lives to achieve their goal, they struck terror into the hearts of their enemies from the rulers and princes. They were able to assassinate a number of influential figures at that time forming the first secret terrorist group that was later called ‘El Hashasheen’.

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