So, How Do You Get a Job in the Arab World?


It’s 2022 and the FIFA World Cup is coming to the Arab World for the first time! It’s been a long road getting to this point. The government of Qatar is spending umpteen billions of dollars to develop its infrastructure across the country and prepare for all that the World Cup entails.

1,000,000 Jobs Created

Qatar’s tiny 300,000 population employed over a million people to construct roads, buildings, airports, metro rail, universities, supermarkets, hospitals, hotels and much more. In addition to all the blue collar construction workers, there is an influx of white collar workers in education, medicine, finance, tech and more which likely will remain on after the World Cup is over.

These days looking for a white collar job usually entails a portion of your time is spent on LinkedIn which has emerged as the number one network in the world for professionals.

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We took a look at the job numbers and found some revealing information. Our analysis was focused on the Arab countries of: Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates and Yemen. We also analyzed the USA and the UK for comparison purposes. We are using LinkedIn job postings as a proxy for available job openings, but obviously this is not an all-inclusive source.

Some questions we went in with included: Which Arab country has the most opportunities overall and per capita? Which countries are being left behind? Is America still the land of opportunity?

Below is a table containing the available job postings (past 30 days) relative to the number of people on LinkedIn in each country. For example, in Qatar there are 2,320 available job postings which equates to one job posting per every 474 people with an account on LinkedIn in Qatar.

In total we found nearly 35,000 job opportunities currently available in the Arab World. Here is a breakdown of where they are located by country.

Which Arab country has the most opportunities overall and per capita?

With 10,170 available job postings in the past 30 days, the United Arab Emirates has the most opportunities overall, beating out much larger countries Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Additionally, the UAE has the highest percentage of people on LinkedIn at 60%.

With one job for every 474 people on LinkedIn, Qatar takes the top spot for available job postings per capita followed by UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Which countries are being left behind?

As is clearly shown in the table above, Palestine has only one job posting per 17,778 people. That’s even worse than Yemen which has just 1% of the population on LinkedIn.

Is America still the land of opportunity?

According to LinkedIn data the answer is yes. The USA has one available job opportunity for every 39 people. The UK is close behind at one in 48.

Getting a job in the Arab World might become easier thanks to technology and the ability to search for opportunities online across borders. In this example we used results from LinkedIn, but there are also regional job sites such as Bayt. A big benefit many of these jobs have is they are 100% tax free, which is not the case in the USA, UK, Europe or practically anywhere else in the world!

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