No Mountain High Enough: Lulwah Al-Marri Made It To Europe’s Highest Peak!


Ever thought about what it’d be like to climb Europe’s highest peak? Well, you wouldn’t have to ask Qatar’s Lulwah Al-Marri twice! See, this fearless mountaineer has successfully climbed Russia’s Mount Elbrus…Also known as the highest peak in Europe!


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So, how high is it?

As one of the highest peaks in Europe, Mount Elbrus has been standing at 5624 meters above sea level and is one of seven incredible summits.

Though it may seem like a daunting climb, it was nothing Lulwah couldn’t handle! Notably, the athlete reached the summit of Island Peak, which stands at 6000 meters, in April of this year. She dubbed that climb as her ‘first challenging climb’.

If you want to see what challenges Lulwah Al-Marri tackles next, be sure to check out her Instagram….but just remember, she’s

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