The Top 10 Things To Show Your Friend In Doha


Qatar is rapidly evolving and its capital, Doha, has grown into a modern and fascinating city. Thanks to its strategic location, Doha has become a popular layover with many interesting attractions and spots worth visiting. From culture and arts to culinary experiences and shopping, we are certain that there is a plethora of things to show your friends or family while visiting. Listed below are ten of the most important sites and experiences around the city to share with your loved ones.

Are you ready to explore Doha again? Let’s go!

National Museum of Qatar

1. First things first, a visit to the National Museum of Qatar is mandatory. This architectural masterpiece designed by Jean Nouvel, perfectly unfolds the country’s rich history and development over the years while it showcases the Qatari milestones and traditions through an interactive journey and impressive findings. Once you’ve completed your tour, head over to the Museum’s Gift Shop – you won’t regret it! Apart from a wide selection of unique gifts and cute souvenirs, the shop’s design is itself a stunning spectacle. Lastly, if any kids are visiting with you, they will be thrilled to experience the Museum’s various interactive activities.

Museum of Islamic Art (MIA)

2. Across the National Museum of Qatar, lies the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA); one of the country’s most significant cultural landmarks. MIA houses a vast collection of centuries of Islamic art which, combined with its unique architecture, create an incredible amalgam of traditional and modern. Weather permitting, take a break at the MIA Park coffee shop where you’ll enjoy the most mesmerizing view to Doha’s skyscrapers!

Souq Waqif

3. Up next should be a visit to Souq Waqif; one of the most authentic places in Doha. Wander around the labyrinth of tiny alleys to discover a wide range of traditional products – from souvenirs and spices to clothes, household items, and local delicacies. Later on, enjoy the best local delights at the Damaska restaurant and even accompany your meal with some shisha time. Opt for a late visit- late afternoon after the sun goes down is ideal so that you can fully enjoy its ambient atmosphere.

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Corniche (Doha’s coastal road)

4. Walking along the Corniche (Doha’s coastal road) is one thing you have to recommend to your visitors. The weather is ideal between November and May and it sets the tone for long, pleasant strolls by the waterfront while offering a good view of the ‘dhows’, the traditional Qatari wooden boats.

Doha Festival City

5. If your friends love shopping, then head to Doha Festival City, one of the most popular shopping destinations in Doha. The mall hosts a wide selection of both international and local brands featuring amazing deals and offers made for an unparalleled shopping experience.  If your spree gets you exhausted, you can unwind and enjoy a great meal or a cup of coffee in one of the numerous cafes and renowned restaurants inside the mall.

The Pearl from above

6. The Pearl is always a good idea; the unique man-made island also described as the Arabian Riviera, is a luxury residential area and a popular dining spot as it features chic restaurants and modern coffee shops overlooking the waterfront promenade (Porto Arabia). If you have time on your hands, you should definitely visit Qanat Quartier, a picturesque district with colorful buildings and canals also featured at the Pearl, and a walking friendly destination!

Image via Lonely Planet

7. If you want to enjoy the captivating view of Doha from a different perspective, then why not take a boat ride? Take the boat from the Pearl’s Marina (there is a station near Porto Arabia Tower 2) and it will lead you all the way to the Museum of Islamic Art. You can even combine both activities.

Katara Cultural Village Beach

8. Katara Cultural Village is another must. It’s a multi-purpose cultural village hosting libraries, an opera house, cafes, and restaurants. One of its highlights is the impressive amphitheater, inspired by Greek architecture. You can also take a stroll along the promenade while there is also a public beach nearby.

Souq Al Wakra

9. Souq Al Wakra is another great spot to visit. It’s a maze of alleys and a great example of traditional architecture boasting an authentic Qatari atmosphere. You will also find many restaurants and cafes.

Banana Island

10. If you want to spend a few hours in an idyllic scenery resembling the Maldives, visit Banana Island. It’s a short, 20-minute boat ride from the starting point, near the Museum of Islamic Art. There, you can enjoy breakfast, lunch, or dinner at the Anantara Resort- check out their offers and happy hours in advance to be prepared.

These are our suggestions for unforgettable moments in Doha! Do you have any other ideas? Feel free to share them with us!

Feel free to pick the activities that will suit best your loved ones’ unique tastes and schedule for a personalized experience. Enjoy!


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