Tips to Keep Business Afloat During COVID-19


As we are steadily overcoming the coronavirus crisis, businesses play a crucial part in creating the right conditions for a safe and healthy return to everyday activities. With containment measures and social distancing still in effect, certain steps need to be taken in order to protect both employees and customers.

Business owners need to make their own plans to retain a safe workplace. Below, you will find a few useful tips issued by the team at Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp that will help you keep your business running in an effective and safe manner. These tips apply to retail stores, restaurants, salons, and gyms.

Keep Your Clients Informed

First and foremost, you should share any important information regarding your business with your clients. Choose the social media platform of your preference and share updates on key information your customers might need; your business hours, temporary service changes or any additional online, delivery or pick-up services.

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Answer Important Questions

It is only natural that your clients will have a lot of questions regarding your services, so make sure to communicate all the means available to reach out to you – phone number, e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram page. Also, consider adding the most frequently asked questions to your website.


Retail Stores

If you are a retail store owner, there are a few ways to keep your business running while in lockdown. Apart from creating an online store, if you don’t have one already, you might consider offering delivery or pick-up options; this way, customers can place their order and have it delivered to their home or straight to their car.

If your business needed to close temporarily, you can offer gift cards or vouchers for future visits or start hosting virtual consultations if your business offers personalized services or products.


Restaurants are highly recommended to communicate their delivery, takeaway or pick-up offers with all available contact information for customers to place their orders. Another great way for supporting your business is to offer gift cards.

Salons & Spas

Although all salons and spas remain closed during lockdown, there are a few tips to consider in order to keep your business running and offer your customers a way to support you; gift cards, discounts or credits for future visits are a great idea. You might also want to sell your products via an e-commerce solution or using an online marketplace.

Gyms & Fitness

There are strict restrictions concerning gyms and fitness areas in general. However, technology offers a plethora of solutions to continue offering your services online. Streaming fitness classes, personal training sessions, and nutrition classes using Zoom or Instagram Live or Facebook Live is a great alternative.

With health being top priority for everyone at the time being, clients would appreciate any tips you might share; this way, you will keep them engaged with your business and motivated to stay fit with you.

Even if they are not ready to join online classes, a discount, gift card or prepayment option will offer them the opportunity to book their classes beforehand and support you at the same time.

Ultimately, you could try promoting your merchandise – clothing or equipment – using email or social media platforms. Add free delivery options, discounts or local delivery to boost your sales.

Concluding Thoughts

All in all, despite the uncertainty and strict restrictions, there are multiple ways to sustain any type of business during this time; use social media wisely, offer discounts and promotions, add delivery options and keep your clients informed about the safety measures you take to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Re-evaluate and adjust accordingly as you go – being a business owner is never easy but the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced a different level of difficulty. The key is to ensure safety for yourself, your employees and your customers – your inner business genius will take care of the rest.

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