20 Reasons You Need To Visit Doha At Least Once Before You Die


Here are 20 Reasons You NEED To Visit Doha Once Before You Die

20. It has the BEST shopping malls

Qatar’s diverse shopping opportunities appeal to both locals and visitors. High-end shopping malls in Doha, in particular, are home to a number of the most well-known brands in the fashion world. You could easily spend an entire day just exploring the Mall of Qatar’s numerous shops.

19. There are amazing museums that share the incredible history of the country

Qatar’s museums may include rare artefacts, but the exteriors of many of these institutions are likely to be as fascinating as their presentations.

18. The mix of foodie experiences will astound you

Sushi in the middle of nowhere? Fried rice on the beach? Sandwiches while gazing out over the Arabian Gulf? That’s right. Qatar has practically every cuisine available, thanks to the country’s expanding food culture, which embraces flavors from all around the world.

17. In case you’ve been living under a rock… FIFA World Cup 2022 will happen in Qatar

If you want to go to the 2022 FIFA World Cup, you should start planning now. This is the first international event to be hosted in a Muslim-majority country. It’s also the first to take place in late November and mid-December, when the winter weather will be pleasant for both players and fans.

 16. Skydiving, scuba and desert ATV’s… ’nuff said!

From skydiving over the Arabian Gulf to scuba diving beneath its waters, and from climbing sand dunes to exploring ancient forts, Qatar is the place to be if adventure is what you seek on your holiday. One of the most popular outdoor experiences in Qatar is a desert safari tour. Travellers mount their own ATVs and head out into the Mesaieed Desert.

15. Shop till you drop at Souq waqif

Souq Waqif is a massive bazaar with typical Doha architecture. Furthermore, in each passage, tour the region’s bird market, where you’ll find colourful businesses and friendly people, and experience the flavour of the nargile.

14. The corniche is the perfect place for an evening stroll

The Corniche skyline alone is a work of art that is one of this country’s must-see attractions.

13. There are so many public and private beaches to soak up the sun

Popular public beaches like as Al Ghariya, Zekreet, Dukhan, Al Wakrah, Fuwairit, and Maroona are a must-see for any sun-seeking tourist. Apart from these, most five star hotels have their own private beaches for guests to enjoy a sun tan session as well.

12. There are SO MANY nearby countries, perfect for a quick getaway

The country is easily accessible by plane, with an average flight time of 6-7 hours from the south-east and mid-west for a fast escape from the eat-sleep-work routine. There’s a reason it’s referred to as the Middle East.

10. One word: Karak

Karak is simple comfort drink that’s widely available across the country. It helps to bring people together. It brings them together since they both adore Karak. It’s a gathering staple and a must-have beverage when friends and family get together, and it’s also inexpensive!



9. It’s a population made up of foreign expats who live peacefully as one

All service sector employees in Qatar are foreign. It’s peaceful to be in an environment where people who have to work away from home don’t mope around.

8. Live the bedouin live and sleep in the desert

The south-east of Doha is a desert region with sand dunes bordering the Gulf of Basra. Staying in rubble tents that depict Bedouin culture and joining the water with the first lights of the day is a recipe for bliss.

7. Luxury hotels, at affordable prices. Habibi, come to Qatar!

Just because Qatar has luxury hotels, expensive shopping, and dining options doesn’t imply the region as a whole is out of reach for budget travellers or even that the luxury offerings are out of reach for budget travellers. In reality, you may get great-value luxury hotels as well as budget-friendly accommodations in Qatar.

6. Don’t even visit without taking a Dhow Cruise

Are you a nature enthusiast looking for the best natural spots to visit in Qatar? Who wouldn’t be? Take in the golden darkness of the sunset from a traditional Dhow while strolling down the Corniche Road. It is a historic traditional sailing vessel used by sailors.

5.  And yes, there’s a club scene!

Qatar’s legal system is Sharia-based, and while the majority of the country is dry, alcohol is nonetheless permitted at international hotels and licensed nightclubs. The city’s club culture often surprises tourists who are unfamiliar with the intricacies of these restrictions.

4. Qatar is a little know getaway for love-birds. Rose-mantic? Us? YUP!

Spring is a great time to revive your relationship, whether for Valentine’s Day or simply because, and Qatar provides everything you need for an amorous mini-break. Stroll down the Corniche, the waterfront promenade, enjoy a sunset dhow boat around Doha Bay, and stay in one of affluent Doha’s numerous magnificent hotels.

3. It’s also ideal for a family outing

With the February half-term and Easter holidays approaching, Qatar has lots to offer children of all ages. They’ll enjoy the rides at Aqua Park Qatar and Angry Birds World, but a kayaking excursion to the All Thakira Mangroves to go crabbing and view flamingos will leave them with lasting memories.

2. Everyone speaks English, while Arabic is the native language

Despite the fact that Arabic is the native language of Qatar, practically everyone speaks English.

1. Not, but most certainly not least, Qatar continues to score as the world’s safest country

Whether you are planning a single trip, a family holiday, or a girls’ weekend, safety is not an issue! You may enjoy the festival till late at night and freely explore the bustling city at any time, as Qatar is ranked as the safest country in the world among 118 countries, according to the most recent annual study produced by Numbeo.



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