Up To 1 Million Qatari Riyals Fine To Those Who Display Goods Against Islamic Values

Mayar Ibrahim

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced that entrepreneurs, traders and suppliers should respect religious values, customs and tradition. Furthermore, they will fine those who display any goods that violate Islamic values and national traditions. The fine is up to 1 Million Qatari Riyals.

The MOCI announced a fine up to 1 Million Qatari Riyals for anyone who violates Islamic and national values


The fine is applicable to those who display any products that violate Islamic and national values

The MOCI announced this fine which is applicable to suppliers and merchants operating in Qatar. Also, the fine falls under Clause no. (4) of Article No. (2) or Law No. (8) of 2008 on Consumer Protection.

All merchants and major shopping malls must abide by the law. They should coordinate with import sources before displaying any products. Additionally, they should ensure that the products do not bear any logos, designs, symbols, etc. that do not comply with Islamic or national values.

Additionally to the products being sold, they should refrain from displaying any goods in the front of the store that violate common decency and Qatar’s traditions. Plus, they should refrain from using inappropriate gifts, packaging materials or marketing any products that violate the religious and cultural values of Qatar.

Finally, all merchants should refrain from publishing any images, audio clips, etc. with inappropriate content.

Plus, the Ministry of Commercial and Industry will find any merchant or store up to 1 million Qatari Riyals for violating any of the above laws. Additionally, they will close the store for 3 months. Finally, they will write off the store from the commercial register. As well as ban the perpetrator from practicing any commercial activity in the future.


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