5 Things Qatar Has A Guinness World Record For That You Wouldn’t Know

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Qatar despite being one of the tiniest countries on the globe, has managed to achieve several world records and has surely gained massive popularity, especially after hosting an epic FIFA World Cup last year. Here is the list of five amazing world records achieved by Qatar.

5. Doha houses the world’s tallest indoor roller coaster

The World’s tallest indoor roller coaster is located in Qatar’s first-ever theme park – Quest in Doha Oasis. It is a novel indoor entertainment destination that caters to an audience of all ages, comprised of over 30 rides and other attractions. The tallest indoor roller coaster is about 56.736 meters tall.



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4. Torch Tower’s largest external 360° screen sets World Record

Torch Tower set the Guinness World Record for being the largest external 360 degree screen in the world. It is situated at 300m high and with 360° panoramic views across the city. It was formerly shaped to represent a colossal torch for the duration of the 15th Asian Games in 2006 held its symbolic flame. This marvelous building is the result of comprehensive architectural, engineering and technical design.

3. Doha is home to ‘Reflective Flow’ world’s largest chandelier

The world’s largest chandelier, Reflective Flow, was designed for Al Hitmi’s office building that is located on the coast of Doha. It plays two roles, during the day it is a beautiful piece of attraction and beauty and during the nights it becomes a color changing LED lighting masterpiece. It measures 19 feet high at the tallest point of the body, 41 feet in linear width, and 126 feet in linear length and weighs a whopping 39,683 pounds. It took two years to complete the work.

2. Qatar sets world record for longest selfie stick

Qatar bags world record for ‘the longest selfie stick’ during the graduation ceremony of the second batch of Sky Climbers’ talented individuals at Qatar National Convention Center in 2017. The stick, measuring 18m, was certified by the Guinness World Records as the world’s longest selfie stick, beating the previous record of 16m.

1. This park in Qatar sets record for having longest air-conditioned pedestrian and jogging path

The Umm Al Seneem park includes 88,400sqm of green spaces, 912 trees, 1,135 meters of cycling path, 1,143 meters of airconditioned pedestrian and jogging path, 3 exercising areas prepped with fitness equipment, 2 kids’ playing areas, and 40 bicycle stands.

Apart from this, there are also 7 kiosks that offer several products to visitors of the park. There are also 2 car parking available in the park. The park has a capacity of 6,000 people.


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