5 Traffic Laws In Qatar You May Not Know About

Lama Shahin
5 Traffic Laws In Qatar You May Not Know About

Qatar is no stranger to maintaining safety in their streets with the laws that we’re accustomed to. However, we came across some laws that we figured you may not have heard of before..

Here are 5 laws you may not have heard of…

6. No honking on Friday

In an attempt to cut down on noise pollution and create a more peaceful environment, it’s against the law to honk your car horn on Friday from 1 pm to 3 pm.

5. No hitchhiking

Hitchhiking is prohibited in Qatar. Both the hitchhiker and the driver who picks them up will be penalized.

4. No driving in reverse on the highway

Unless there is an emergency or you’re directed by the authorities, it’s illegal to drive in reverse on any highway.

3. No dirty cars

It’s prohibited to drive a dirty car in Qatar. Cars that are excessively dirty or covered in lots of dust can be fined.


2. Restricted tinted windows

Excessive window tinting is not allowed. The level of window tint should be within the legal limits to ensure the driver’s proper visibility as well as others on the road.

1. No driving with pets on the driver’s lap

Drivers are not allowed to have pets on their laps while driving as it can be a huge distraction to the driver and compromise road safety.

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