A Qatar Airways Cargo Flight Was Completely Operated By An All-Women Crew

Farah Makhlouf

It’s March 8 and that means it’s the day when we celebrate the awesomeness of women all over the world. They’re nurturers, adventurers and hard workers and deserve the best.

On this special day, Qatar Airways decided to do something grand to celebrate women!

A Qatar Airways cargo flight was completely operated by an all-women crew this women’s day

Boeing 777 freighter on Qatar Airways Cargo was run entirely by women ground staff and crew

The video shows that the ground staff, captains and pilots operating this flight, are all women and it’s incredibly inspiring. In a predominantly male-dominated industry, these women are really setting the example and proving to all women out there, that they can do anything! Some of these crew members were working there for over a decade. They’re all encouraging women to follow their dreams and take the career path they want.

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